How To Make Your Own Gnocchi With Your Children

Gnocchi, who does not like them, especially freshly made at home. I think my kids will be happy to have them as their regular weekly dinner. What’s not to like? Clean carbs: flour and potatoes combined with a sweet pillow: two of the best carbohydrate comfort foods. But, to be honest, we never had “gnocchi”.

The word “gnocchi” seems to come from the Latin “kernel”. “Nucleus” in Latin has not been developed in modern understanding. At that time, the meaning was much simpler. It means something like “kernel” or even “nut”. While the ancient world may have had flour that was boiled in water, our modern version does not. Gnocchi as we know it is made from potatoes, and potatoes are a new world product that arrived in Italy only after Christopher Columbus. (Yes, there are other types of gnocchi, but potato is the main one.)

I have to say that I never remember the word “gnocchi”. We have what we call “gahv-ah-deels”, commonly called “cavatelli”. At that time, we called them “shooters”. “Lead sinkers” is a fishing term. Now water leaders are pyramid-shaped scales placed on the fishing line to ensure that the hook, with its fish, is drawn into the water to catch blues and weaklings. I know them well, and their size and weight since I sold them at the fishing ground in front of our house. I don’t think I have “gahv-ah-deels” (cavatelli) except in the summer. I do not know why. But, I remember that they could be the big pack, the “leaders”. Although I can still see the gnocchi being prepared in the kitchen, I don’t remember anything about the recipe or the process. Even my mom couldn’t remember exactly how they were made, although she showed me how to turn them with the back of a fork. The recipe I’m giving is something I developed only while living in Italy and did a lot of research. Although, as I said, growing up, I only remember having them in the summer, gnocchi (or cavatelli) work at any time. Of course, during the summer they have more by using fresh tomatoes. Any other season, they also work great with good canned San Marzano tomatoes. In addition, you can serve them with a simple butter sauce with a little nutmeg and sage. Gnocchi is also a confectionery that offers different possibilities. Instead of regular potatoes, try sweet potatoes. If you do, use butter and sage sauce. So leave the potatoes aside and use pumpkin or squash. In this case, you need to wash the pumpkin squash and remove the flesh. Here too, use a butter sauce but this time add cinnamon and nutmeg for a nice creaminess.

Gnocchi is an easy preparation that is usually quick and delicious. The most important part of making light and fluffy gnocchi is to use as little flour as possible. The amount of flour and potatoes is good by sight and feel. There are many factors in play, such as potato size and humidity, that will affect your results. But, to be sure, even the gnocchi on the heavy side can be a good treat – what we call “leader” children.

But this is one of the best things for making gnocchi recipes This is the perfect recipe to get the kids involved. When I was little, we would dust the kitchen table (and floor) with flour and get to work. They are often accompanied by nieces and nephews. Each child can hand cut and roll their own gnocchi. Don’t forget about clay – it’s real. They couldn’t have had a happier afternoon. And then having their own creations for dinner… well, what more could you ask for

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