Grocery Store Tours

Do you dread food shopping? When you walk into a grocery store, do you feel overwhelmed by companies luring you into purchasing their products with catchy phrases, such as “fat free,” “sugar free,” and “all natural?” If so, let me be your personal guide to gaining valuable insight, as well as, permanently changing your relationship to food shopping. 

As part of a grocery store tour, you will gain knowledgeable information regarding:

  • organic vs. non-organic (clean 15 vs. dirty dozen)
  • health benefits of produce
  • foods that provide long-lasting energy and improvement in your overall health
  • pantry staples for healthy cooking and to help you lose weight
  • quick and easy meal ideas
  • healthier versions of your favorite comfort foods


Contact me for a grocery store tour that will get you on the path to Glowing Healthy.

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