Chrome Flags of Global –Know More Hidden Features

Chrome Flags of Global –Know More Hidden Features

If you are a fan of Google Chrome, then you will find it helpful to know that Chrome has a ton of hidden features, settings you can tweak, as well as Chrome flags that’ll help quench the thirst of users who want more. There are even Chrome flags that you can add to your browser that can tweak the UI, boost performance, and add new features to everyone’s favorite browser.

Chrome flags are experimental features that Google is currently working on but has made it available for trial to users. You can read our complete guide on Chrome flags to learn all about them if you want. Now, here are the 30 most valuable and cool Chrome flags.

5 Hidden Flags of Chrome Global

Here we mention Chrome Flags, which can be found on all platforms, including Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS. They can be found on the chrome://flags page of any platform.

  1. Auto-Freeze Collapsible Tab Groups

Chrome’s tab groups can be instrumental, especially if you constantly have a lot of tabs open. Chrome, however, is known to be a resource hog with multiple tabs open. When you collapse a group in Chrome, your browser automatically freezes tabs within the group—so having all those tabs open that you’re not using will prevent your device from running out of memory. You can enable this flag by visiting chrome://flags/#tab-groups-collapse-freezin.

  1. Quiet Notification

Notifications have become almost an annoyance on Chrome. In virtually any website, the notification permission is abused, and a dialog box to allow messages is incessantly displayed. However, the notifications are completely blocked with the Quieter Notification flag enabled. What a great feature! Enable “Quieter notification permission prompts” in chrome://flags, and you are done.

  1. A Faster Download Speed

The Chrome Flags repository has contained Parallel Downloading for a very long time. Unfortunately, Google does not seem to be working on this feature to make it a part of the stable channel. Despite this, this flag accelerates download speed by breaking files into smaller chunks, similar to how Windows download managers function. You can enable it by searching for “parallel downloading.”

  1. Import Passwords

The most popular browser has offered the ability to export passwords. Still, if you switch over from another browser and want to import your password, you should enable the #PasswordImport flag after downloading the browser. Then, go to Settings -> Passwords and tap the ‘three dots’ icon next to ‘Saved Passwords.’ This will show you the ‘Import’ option.

Tap it, enter your e-mail address and choose the browser’s file format (most likely.html). You can then select the passwords to import. Firefox is getting better and better with each new release, but it’s still not perfect. For example, one of the main problems that Firefox users have is managing their bookmarks. However,Firefox users can easily import their bookmarks from another browser with a simple extension like Delicious Bookmarks.

  1. Turn On Smooth Scrolling

This Chrome flag enhances scrolling on your mobile device and desktop computer. You can use it with Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS to reduce jitters and janks when scrolling. From the Chrome Flags page, you can enable smooth-scrolling.

This Chrome flag adds support for the Apple Pencil in macOS Catalina. The feature is experimental and requires a developer build of the operating system. You can use this option to draw on any screen using a Pencil and receive real-time feedback.

Google Chrome Flags for Fun Browsing in 2022

This article has been divided into four sections because Google Chrome Flags are available for both desktop and mobile versions of Chrome. Therefore, within the first section, we list only the Chrome flags that apply to both desktop and mobile versions of Chrome, while the other sections discuss Chrome flags for desktop, Chrome OS, and mobile separately. Below you will find a table of contents that will let you quickly jump to any section.

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