Four Essential Smoothie Superfoods


Whenever I make a smoothie, there are four superfood ingredients I always include.  I start with Chia seeds (don’t take them from your Chia pet!) for a great source of Omega -3s. Chia forms a gel like substance that keeps your stomach full until your next meal.

Next, I add omega-3 filled flax meal, which has been shown to have heart healthy effects, as well as soluble and insoluble fiber to keep you full.

Then, I add shelled hemp protein you can pick up in any health food store. You might think of hemp in the old fashioned sense, but the plant has numerous health benefits. Hemp is a natural appetite suppressant and helps you feel fuller longer. It also has a high amount of fiber that keeps your digestive tract clean and healthy.

Finally, I add cacao nibs for their anti-oxidant, fiber and mood-enhancing properties. Cacao nibs are better for you than dark chocolate! An excuse to add chocolate to my smoothie? I’m in.

Put at least one of the these four superfoods in your smoothie and you’ll have energy to last you throughout your busy morning. Put them all in…and watch out world!