My Heart Beets for You Salad

Valentine’s Day is here, why not make this nutrient packed salad for you or your love? There are so many different flavors that combine here and yet they mesh so well! There are heart healthy walnuts packed with omega3s, raw pumpkin seeds that pack a lot of fiber and anti-oxidant and vitamin rich beets and strawberries. I put tempeh on this salad for protein but if you eat meat, you can easily substitute grilled chicken. 


•2 1/2 cups spinach

•1/4 block of tempeh

•1 tbs pumpkin seeds

•6 walnut halves

•2 strawberries sliced

•beets cut into hearts 

•1/2 tbs dijon mustard

•2 tbs Braggs apple cider vinegar

•pepper, garlic powder, onion powder

Combine the spinach with the spices, mustard and vinegar. Mix it well and then heat the tempeh in a small pan until warm. Top the salad with the tempeh and the rest of the ingredients. Enjoy the flavored and feel great about eating such a healthy salad!

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