Vegan Pecan Pie Bars

I made this recipe yesterday and I can’t even tell you how delicious these bars are! You need to trust me and go out and purchase the ingredients to make them! They are a sure crowd pleaser— I brought them over my dad’s house for dessert last night and the pan was gone is seconds! I made the exact recipe except, I didn’t have coconut flour so I replaced it with Bob’s Red Mill All-Purpouse flour. Try them and let me know what you think! I found this wonderful recipe at 

Cook time

35 mins

Total time

35 mins


Note that you need to let the finished bars chill at LEAST 6 hours before serving!

Author: Taylor

Serves: 12-16 bars


For the crust:

1/3 Cup Better Body Foods Coconut Oil, at room temperature (should be the consistency of softened butter)

3 Tbsp Maple syrup

3/4 Cup Better Body Foods Coconut flour, sifted (66g)

Pinch of Salt

For the pecan topping:

2 Tbsp flax meal

5 Tbsp Warm water

1 Cup Pecans, roughly chopped (105g)

1 1/2 Tbsp Better Body Foods Coconut oil

3 Tbsp Maple syrup

1/2 Cup Better Body Foods Coconut sugar, packed

1/4 tsp Salt


Heat your oven to 350 degrees and line the bottom of an 8×8 inch baking pan with parchment paper. Generously rub the sides of the pan with coconut oil.

In a large bowl, beat the maple syrup and coconut oil together using an electric hand beater until creamy and well combined. Stir in the coconut flour and salt until it forms a dough.

Press the dough evenly into the bottom of the pan and bake until the edges are a deep golden brown, and the middle is lightly golden, about 14-15 minutes. * Your crust will probably have risen and cracked a little bit when it comes out of the oven, use the pack of a large spoon to pack it down so it’s flat and crack-free. Let cool for 1 hour before starting the topping.

Additionally, as soon as the crust comes out of the oven, whisk the flax meal with the warm water and refrigerate, so the egg can gel up for the hour that the crust is cooling.

In the meantime, place the pecans onto a cookie sheet in a single layer and bake them into the oven until they darken and smell “nutty” about 8-10 minutes. Let cool and then roughly chop and set aside.

Once the crust has cooled for 1 hours, combine the remaining coconut oil, maple syrup, coconut sugar and salt in a large sauce pan over medium heat and bring to a boil. Boil for one minutes, stirring frequently and then remove from heat. Let the mixture stand at room temperature for 5 minutes.

Once it has sat, add the chilled flax eggs and mix well. Finally, stir in the chopped pecans until they are coated in the sugar mixture.

Pour the topping over the crust, using a spoon to spread out and make sure the sugar mixture and pecans are evenly coating the crust. Press the pecans lightly so they lay flat.

Bake until the filling looks set, about 20 minutes. Let stand until it comes down to room temperature. Then, refrigerate for at least 6 hours – overnight **

Once chilled, slice and DEVOUR. **


* Make sure the crust is nice and golden. You want it be really firm, or the topping will cause it to go soggy.

**Make sure you give these bars the full amount of time to chill, as this is what hardens the crust. And serve these bars cold, not at room temperature or warmed up.

**Since the topping is so sticky, it’s a lot easier to slice these if you a run a sharp knife around the outsides of the pan first, before slicing into bars!

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