Never Be Afraid To Try Something New


I have been skiing for the past decade, but recently I decided to try cross country skiing. I figured, if I already know how to ski down slopes, I can surely do cross country skiing! So I put on my winter gear and rented some cross country skis, which were very thin and long in comparison to regular skis. After about 2 minutes of being on them, I fell…..then I fell again. It took a little time to get used to them but it forced my body to have a different experience and use different muscles. I finally got used to them and figured out the trick was to sort of walk and glide at the same time, not easy if you aren’t used to it! There was something about cross country skiing that was very calming to me, unlike regular skiing where I usually “speed” down the mountain to get a rush! (By the way, I did try going down a hill fast, and guess what, I fell again—3 times, definitely not the same with thin, long skis!) With cross country skiing, you get to look at the natural environment around you and soak it up. The beautiful, glowing sun against a bright, blue sky with fresh, white snow on the ground is a recipe for happiness. So I encourage you to try cross country skiing if you haven’t because it is a great experience with nature. It also doesn’t hurt that when you are in nature you experience the following benefits:

  • Fresh air has more oxygen
  • More sensory stimulation
  • Increases feelings of well-being and lowers depression
  • Sun exposure increases vitamin D levels and helps optimize hormones

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