It’s All About Mindset


The average person has over 70,000 thoughts per day! Are your thoughts positive and uplifting, or are they negative and see the glass half-empty? Every day that I wake up, I am thankful. Thankful that I am alive to see another sunrise, thankful that I have someone in my life that I love so much and loves me back, thankful for a great family, thankful that I have great health, thankful that I have legs that allow me to walk…… get the point.  This necklace that I posted reminds me each and everyday how thankful I am and how I take nothing for granted. What a great mindset to have, unfortunately, not too many have it.

Too often in life, I encounter so many negative people. They complain about the weather being too cold, too much snow, they don’t feel good, they are bored. Then summer comes, they complain it’s too hot and they wish it were cooler. I embrace each day and the weather it brings because I can’t control it. I can enjoy it or hate it, I choose to enjoy it, operative word, choose. Why not embrace the beautiful white snow that blankets our Earth? Why not embrace that arm and ab workout you are getting from shoveling? Rather than complain and expend hot air from your mouth, embrace the moment and enjoy it.

I believe a negative mindset attracts more negativity in your life and more illness. The more positive you are, the more you allow for that positive energy to flow into your life. So, here are some tips that will lead you to better health and wellness. I encourage you to try them, if not forever, at least a day. Small changes lead to big change eventually! Once I post these tips, I encourage you to comment on your journey to a positive mindset and how that is going for you.


  • Negative self-talk (The more positive you are about yourself, others will see the good in you)
  • Limiting beliefs (the sky is the limit)
  • Comparing yourself to others (you are unique, don’t envy others, rather take action and become what you want to be)
  • Resisting change (Do something, don’t resist change. Even little changes add up to big change)
  • The need to always be right (Do you have to be right or do you want to be happy?)


  • Gratitude (Even when you think you don’t have it all, you have more than someone else out there)
  • Walk with energy and purpose (Stand tall, put on your confidence coat and smile)
  • Surround yourself with positive, like-minded people
  • Reflect (take time to think about all the good in your life, and be sure to pause once in a while)
  • Do good for someone else (Compliment someone, donate or inspire someone to do better)

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