There are bunches of basic fixes in the event that you have the RROD on your Xbox. best motherboard for i7 9700k In excess of ten million of these consoles were produced with deadly plan blemishes that lead to equipment disappointment and different issues. At the point when one of your green lights turns red, your framework is advising you of an issue.

One red light methods you have equipment issues and require fixes. Two red lights show overheating. If so, turn your framework off and move it to a ventilated zone. When you have three red lights, you have the Red Ring of Death and require consideration right away. Four red lights show an issue with the force link, most dire outcome imaginable, it needs supplanting.

On the off chance that you have three red lights and your guarantee has lapsed you have two alternatives, spend the $140 dollars and send your reassure directly to Microsoft or fix it yourself. In the event that you settle on sending your framework to Microsoft, be set up to stand by longer than a month to get it back.

The do it without anyone’s help alternative can be speedier and a whole lot less expensive. A prepared to buy control, DIY (do it without anyone’s help) isn’t just modest yet you will have the option to fix your RROD in 90 minutes. You should simply, remove the cover, eliminate the x cinch; isolate the screw and take out the warmth sink. Clear the CPU and GPU by putting some warmth compound on the GPU.

At that point put two nylon washers on top and underneath of the warmth sink screws, and screw the warmth sink back on. From that point onward, supplant the cover and your free! Most DIY guides are in such straightforward configuration Science Articles, nearly anybody could follow them. You can rapidly and effectively fix any equipment issues related with the red lights of death without sending your support away to Microsoft.