How To Make A Bot In Discord

How To Make A Discord Bot: iscord is a real-time messaging program that bills itself as an “all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers.” Due to its slick interface, ease of use, and comprehensive features, Discord has sophisticated rapid growth and is becoming increasingly popular even among those with little interest in video tournaments. Between May 2017 and May 2018, its user base detonated from 45 million users to more than 130 million, with more than twice as many daily users as Slackening.

One of the most attractive features of Discord from a chatbot developer’s context is its robust encouragement for programmable bots that help to integrate Discord with the outside world and provide users with a more alluring experience. Bots are ubiquitous on Discord and provide a wide range of services, including moderation assistance, games, music, internet research, payment processing, and more.

 How To Make A Bot In Discord

How To Make A Discord Music Bot

In a world where video games are so important to so many people, communication and neighborhood around games are vital. Dissonance offers both of those and more in one well-designed package. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a Discord bot in Python so that you can manufacture the most of this imaginative platform.

By the end of this article you’ll learn:

  • What Discord is and why it’s so valuable
  • How to make a Dissonance bot through the Developer Portal
  • How to create Discord connections
  • How to handle events
  • How to accept managements and validate assumptions
  • How to interact with various Discord APIs

You’ll begin by learning what Discord is and why it’s valuable.

Players, streamers, and developers use Discord to discuss games, interpretation uncertainties, chat while they play, and much more. It even has a game store, complete with critical reviews and a subscription service. It is nearly a one-stop shop for gaming companies.

While there are many things you can build using Discord’s APIs, this tutorial will focus on a particular learning outcome: how to make a Discord bot in Python.

What Is a Bot?

Discord is growing in popularity. As such, automated developments, such as banning improper users and reacting to user requests are vital for a community to thrive and grow.

Automated programs that look and act like users and automatically respond to events and commands on Discord are called bot usersDissonance bot users (or just bots) have nearly unrestrained applications.

For pattern, let’s say you’re managing a new Discord guild and a user joins for the very first time. Excited, you may individually reach out to that user and welcome them to your neighborhood. You might also tell them about your agencies or ask them to introduce themselves.

The user feels accepted and enjoys the discussions that happen in your guild and they, in turn, invite friends.

Over time, your neighborhood grows so big that it’s no longer profitable to personally reach out to each new member, but you still want to send them something to remember them as a new member of the guild.

With a bot, it’s possible to automatically react to the new representative joining your guild. You can even customize its behavior based on context and control how it interacts with each new user.

This is great, but it’s only one small example of how a bot can be useful. There are so many moment for you to be creative with bots, once you know how to make them.

How To Make A Bot On Discord

How To Make A Bot On Discord

Unlike the rogue androids of Star Trek: Picard or just about anything from The Terminator franchise, Discord bots are helpful tools used to automate mundane tasks in your servers. They can provide patrons with silly little games, or ban them without prejudice if they do something naughty. Though they have actually been known to cause a bit of trouble themselves, they only do what they’re programmed to do. So if you can’t find one to fit your task, it’s time to read up on how to make a Discord bot of your very own.

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime that’s free and open source, and you’ll need it to actually make your bot, uh, work. Download it at and install it before you get started on anything else.

Obviously, you’ll also need a Discord account, and your own server to use to test your bot. If you haven’t created one yet, go to and create one. If you do have one, log in to your account and open up the server in which you want your bot to live.

Now you’ll need to create an “application” on Discord to make your bot work. This takes a little doing, but it’s not too complex. The goal here is to get an “authorization token” for the bot so that Discord recognizes your code and adds it to the bot on its servers.

First, head to Your account should be logged in, so you’ll go straight to your account’s list of applications. Hit New Application to get started. Give the bot a name, then hit the button marked Save Changes.

Now, on the right-hand menu, click Bot. Once in the new menu, click Add Bot under the Build-a-bot option. If you only have one application — the one we just made — it should appear automatically. Otherwise, select it.

How To Make A Music Bot For Discord

In order to work with the library and the Discord API in general, we must first create a Discord Bot account.

Creating a Bot account is a pretty straightforward process.

  1. Make sure you’re logged on to the Discord website.
  2. Navigate to the application page
  3. Click on the “New Application” button.
  4. Give the application a name and click “Create”.
    • Click “Yes, do it!” to continue.Create a Bot User by navigating to the “Bot” tab and clicking “Add Bot”.
    • You should also make sure that Require OAuth2 Code Grant is unchecked unless you are developing a service that needs it. If you’re unsure, then leave it unchecked.Make sure that Public Bot is ticked if you want others to invite your bot.
  5. Copy the token using the “Copy” button.
    • This is not the Client Secret at the General Information page

What is a Discord bot?

A Discord bot is an automated chatbot that operates on Discord, a popular text and voice communication platform. Bots are ubiquitous on Discord and can be programmed to provide many different services.

What are Discord bots used for?

Some common roles that bots fulfill include moderation, playing games with users, playing music in voice channels, internet searching, and payment processing. Bots fill countless other common and niche roles as well.

What Discord bot libraries are available for JavaScript?

Eris ( and discord.js ( are the two officially vetted JavaScript libraries. You may sometimes see bot code that depends on older, unmaintained libraries, or on unvetted libraries. These should generally be avoided.